Annulment of marriage

Consultation – informing the client about the mechanisms and ways to solve any problem, as well as the availability of opportunities to achieve a particular goal; it is aimed at clarifying the client’s situation, as well as providing information about the eventual legal consequences. By means of rendering, legal advice can be divided into oral and written.

Work Plan:
  1. Consultation.
  2. Concluding the contract for the provision of legal aid.
  3. Drawing up the claim about annulment of marriage to be submitted to the court.
  4. Preparation of documents for submission to the court.
  5. Representation in the court.
  6. Collection of the required information.
  7. Drafting the required procedural documents on the case.
  8. Receiving a court decision on the annulment of marriage.
  9. Signing the act of acceptance of legal services provided.
List of required documents:
  • Copy of the husband’s passport.
  • Copy of the husband’s identification number.
  • Copy of the wife’s passport.
  • Copy of the wife’s identification number.
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • The original marriage certificate.
Consultation of the lawyer on annulment of marriage is performed only by appointment.

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